Class Schedule

All of ODMAD's classes are held in sessions of 8 weeks, normally meeting for one hour on each Monday during the session. Classes are usually held at the Bannock County Fairgrounds in Pocatello, however some of the competition-level classes are occasionally held in other venues to acquaint the dogs with performing in unfamiliar places. View the detailed schedule of events for Nov 2017 and Winter Session.

All ODMAD classes require the dogs to be current on their vaccinations.

Current and upcoming ODMAD class sessions are scheduled between the following dates:

  Cost From To Time Location
Rally/Obedience $25 June 19 On going 6:30pm Bannock Fairgrounds
Beginning Agility $80 TBA TBA 7:30pm Bannock Fairgrounds
Basic Obedience $80 Sept 11 Oct 30 5:30pm Bannock Fairgrounds
Canine Good Citizen $80 Sept 11 Oct 30 7:30pm Bannock Fairgrounds
Focus, Fun & Trick Class $40 Sept 13 Nov 1 6:00pm Bannock Fairgrounds
Rally/Obedience $25 Sept 13 Ongoing 7:00 pm Bannock Fairgrounds
WINTER Session $25 Nov 6 Nov 27 6:00 pm Bannock Fairgrounds
PKT class $25 Nov 14 Dec 11 6:30 pm BAMC